Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Payment can be made via credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) paypal, cheque or cash. Please contact us for reservation and payment.

Deposit Policy:
To confirm your accommodation we require a deposit of 100% at the time of booking.

Rates / Taxes:
All prices are in Canadian dollars and vary depending on length of stay as indicated on the schedule of rates per property (Chalet 2 bedrooms or 4 bedrooms). The rate is valid up to a maximum number of people by occupation. An additional $ 50.00 per person, per night will be applicable to the total cost if the number of occupants exceeds the maximum number allowed.
Rate and exchange rate is subject to change without notice. If applicable, the fees are 5% (Tax on goods and services) and 9.975% (Quebec Sales Tax).

Cancellation Policy
For reservations canceled more than 15 days before arrival, the fees are refundable. For a cancellation made 15 days or less before arrival, the total amount will not be refunded and a credit will be issued. To apply that credit a new reservation, the transfer must be done within the current season (summer, winter, spring, fall) of the date of the reservation canceled and subject to current prices and availability.

Policy on Minimum rental age:
The owner requires the minimum age to book is 25 years old (unless accompanied by a parent).

Policy on Security Deposit:
The customer/ tenant is responsible during his stay for all losses, damages, accidents, negligence that may be caused by him and his guests during the rental.
A security deposit of $ 500 is due at time of booking and will be held one week after departure to cover all or part of a fee related to these incidents.
An inspection at the end of the lease will be made by a member of inspection and refund the tenants deposit when no damage resulting from abuse or accident will have been found. Only the decision of the inspector is considered and accepted by the parties.

Common areas activities (pool, tennis, kayaks and other) are available seasonally.
TremblantNord.com (6798365 Canada Inc.) is a short term rentals by owner of private cottages. We are not responsible for the short interruptions of the service cable, internet, electricity as well as external noise that we cannot control.
The visitor (the tenant) agrees to read the terms and rental policies below and agrees to comply.
You also agree to save TremblantNord.com (6798365 Canada Inc.) any recourse due to injury, illness or death, loss or damage that may have been caused to the person or property or the family or visitors during or after your stay in our vacation homes. 

Arriva and departure:
The hours are:
• Arrival time: 4:00PM
• Start time: 11:00AM
When you leave, make sure you have properly lock (if applicable) spa, sauna, chalet. Any loss, damage or other caused by a non-lock cottage, spa or sauna will be charged to the tenant.

The cost of basic household services are not included in your rental fee per night. HouseKeeping costs are non-optional and $ 120 for 2 bedroom cottage and $ 145 for the cottage of 4 rooms. However, we ask our cottages to be left in a reasonable state of order and cleanliness: the dishes done and put away, bins emptied and placed in containers near the entrance of site, empty bottles collected and deposited in the containers recyclable or returnable. In cases of unreasonable housekeeping needs noticed by the inspection, we will deduct from the security deposit the costs inherent in the extra $ required to make the premises by our standards.

Maximum number of guests
Each property can accommodate a maximum number of guests. The 2 bedroom cottage can accommodate up to 4 people – the 4 bedroom chalets can accommodate up to 8 people. The TremblantNord.com (6798365 Canada Inc.) cottages reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the stay of a customer who does not respect this policy without monetary compensation.

Our rental homes do not allow pets. A fee of $ 500 will be charge without notice if the tenant or guest of the tenant brings a pet to the cottage. TremblantNord.com (6798365 Canada Inc.) cannot be held responsible for conditions that can develop allergies.

Non Smoking:
All our properties are non-smoking indoors. Fees are $ 100 + cleaning fee of the property if this instruction is not followed. However, you can smoke outside and we ask your cooperation in picking up cigarette butts and throw them in the spaces provided in the garbage outside.

To ensure a safe and healthy use of spas, it is important that each person uses the shower before entering the spa. DO NOT put cream or body oil, this results in blurring of the water and clog the filters. A fee of $ 100 will be selected otherwise to pay for emptying and cleaning of the spa’s filtration system. We ask to carefully read the instructions for use at your availability in each of our cottages. Costs of access to the spa is $ 30 / night and the sauna is $ 50 / night.

Noise Policy:
The Tenant agrees to abide by the site’s policy, we ask your cooperation to reduce outside noise to a minimum and from 10:00 PM until 10H00AM, no noise is allowed during this period. These properties are for private rented accommodation for tenants who make normal use. The ‘party’ and loud parties are not accepted. If we receive a complaint about noise in violation of the political noise following statement, this misbehavior could result in the loss of security deposit and the abrupt termination of stay without compensation. We ask that you follow the rules indicated on the site, outdoor fire is not permitted. Fireworks are not permitted. We also ask to respect the speed limits on roads site.

You will find a starter kit to begin your stay:
A set of towels per person (includes washcloth, hand towel, bath towel)
Dish towels
Coffee filters
Two white garbage bags (small) – 2 black garbage bags (large)
BBQ (on request in the summer).
Access to the Spa (Key code available on request when booking ($)).
You have a washer and dryer for bedding and towels, a dishwasher in the kitchen and a sweeper in the closet.

6798365 Canada Inc.

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